Public Notice regarding Wastewater Treatment Facility

Over the past week we have received complaints about the odor and turbidity of the output from the Kennebunkport Wastewater Treatment Facility in the Kennebunk River. It appears that approximately a week ago the Wastewater Treatment Facility became upset and is not working at its normal efficiency. High temperatures and a lack of rain can negatively impact the treatment process as well.

The Town of Kennebunkport is currently working with the Department of Environmental Protection in order to restore the biological process as quickly as possible. We are also consulting with other wastewater treatment plants including Sanford Sewer and Kennebunk Sewer, as well as our engineering firm Woodard & Curran who designed the original plant.

Concerns have been raised regarding the quality of the Kennebunk River for human contact.

Although current test results are within the parameters of our license, we are continuing testing to confirm this and if anything changes, we will alert the public. 

In the meantime, we would recommend the public exercise caution and limit interacting with the water in the Kennebunk River.

In addition, we are monitoring the results of beach water quality testing through Maine Healthy Beaches. Monday’s testing at Colony Beach and the Kennebunk Beaches show no elevated bacteria counts.  Testing at the beaches will occur again on Wednesday.