Public Notice regarding Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Kennebunkport Wastewater Treatment Facility has identified an ongoing denitrification issue in recent days. Denitrification is a natural process occurring during the decomposition of organics which intensifies with higher temperatures. The many high temperature days we have experienced lately have resulted in an elevated release of organics and odors at the facility.

To manage this situation, the facility has adjusted the chlorine disinfection process to meet the disinfection demands as a treatment measure before discharge. This step is crucial in ensuring that the treated water meets required standards before it is released.

The water released into the Kennebunk River has been chlorinated and disinfected but may be a different color than normal due to increased turbidity caused by higher temperatures and a lack of rain.

The dedicated wastewater operators at the Kennebunkport facility are actively engaged in resolving the issue and have worked through the holiday weekend to mitigate any potential impacts. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental responsibility and operational excellence.