Shellfish Licenses

clam-clip-art-clipart-best-clam-clip-art-225_148How do I obtain a Shellfish License?Shellfish licenses are available from the Town Clerk's office mid-April, and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are 55 recreational licenses available to Kennebunkport residents at a cost of $15.00 and 25 senior (over 65) resident licenses available at no charge.  There are also 10 recreational licenses available to non-residents at a cost of $30.00 and 3 non-resident senior (over 65) licenses available at no charge.

We will also issue 2 resident commercial licenses at a cost of $125.00 with a limit of 2 pecks per day. There will be no non-resident commercial licenses issued this year.

No daily licenses will be issued.

When/where may I harvest shellfish?Shellfish may be harvested from the shores and flats of Kennebunkport on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only with a limit of one peck per week. To find out what areas are open to harvesting, call the Shellfish Warden, Everett Leach, at 207-608-1163 because this information may change daily.