The Kennebunkport Public Health Department is proud to offer a number of services to residents, including the following:

Skilled Nursing Care

The Kennebunkport Public Health Department actively promotes programs to improve the health and welfare of our community. Our services include skilled nursing care in the home and health office. Skilled nursing care encompasses dressing changes, catheter changes, medication administration, blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring.

Durable Home Equipment Loan Program

The Public Health department offers a wide selection of medical equipment for Kennebunkport residents to loan for free.

Foot Care

Care is provided by a Nurse Foot Care Provider, a specialist who has training in the care of "routine" foot care problems. Treatment provided usually includes nail filing, trimming nails, reducing thick nails if needed, calousses/corns reduced or removed.

Transportation: The Kennector

The Kennector Program is a volunteer transportation program managed through the Town of Kennebunk Social Services Department. This program replicates the comfort and convenience of using private automobiles and allows riders to maintain a degree of independence. The Kennector gives riders feelings of dignity, opportunity, choice, enjoyment and independence through a door-to-door, arm-through-arm approach.

Medications & Hazardous Wastes Disposal

Information on free disposal of medictions and sharps.

Well Water Testing and Maintenance

The Public Health Department pairs up with Nelson Analytical Lab in Kennebunk to provide a yearly well water testing day.