Local Property Tax Assistance Information

Local Property Tax Assistance Information
What is the program?

The Kennebunkport property tax assistance program provides financial assistance to homeowners and renters who have been year-round residents for at least the past 10 years, and who have qualified for the Maine state property tax fairness credit program. The Maine state program is intended to benefit residents whose property tax or rent expenses are above average relative to their personal income.

How do I qualify for the Kennebunkport Program?
  • You must have received a property tax fairness credit from the Maine state property tax fairness credit program, AND
  • Kennebunkport must have been your principal residence for the past 10 years, AND
  • You must submit your application to town hall for the Kennebunkport program no later than June 30.
What is the amount of assistance I will receive from the Kennebunkport program?

If you qualify you will receive up to $500, or 50% of the amount of the refund from the State property tax fairness credit program; whichever is less.

Will I get a check from the Town if I qualify?
People will receive a credit against their tax bill. If a homeowner has paid their property tax bill, the Town will issue a check in the qualifying amount.
Why is the program limited to residents who have lived in Town for 10 years?

The program was established by voters at Town Meeting in November 2008. Properties have appreciated significantly over the past 10 years. Those who purchased a home within the past 10 years were aware of the increasing value of that property at the time of purchase.

What tax period is covered by this program?

The local property tax assistance program applies to taxes assessed for the previous year.

How do I apply for the Kennebunkport property tax assistance program?

Complete the Maine state personal income tax return to see if you qualify for the State of Maine property tax fairness credit. The deadline for the Town program is June 30. If you do qualify for a state refund, complete and submit the Town application. You can pick up both applications at town hall, download the application here, or call 967-4243, ext. 109.