Visiting Kennebunkport/FAQ's

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Property Checks
Can you check my property if I am away for a period of time?

If you own a home or business in Kennebunkport and are planning to leave your property unattended for an extended period of time, the Kennebunkport Police Department encourages you to participate in our property check program. Once the property check form is completed and submitted to our Department, Police Officers will check on the home or business periodically during the timeframe requested. During these checks, the Police Officer will look for anything concerning or suspicious occurring at the property, and will notify the owner(s) listed on the form if applicable. 

Interested property owners can fill out the Property Check Form and submit it in person or mail it to the Kennebunkport Police Department at 101 Main Street, Kennebunkport ME 04046. 

If you have questions about the program, please contact us at 207-967-2454. 

Can you use fireworks in the Town of Kennebunkport?
According to the Town Ordinance, "no person shall use, possess with the intent to use, sell, possess with the intent to sell, or offer for sale consumer fireworks within the Town of Kennebunkport or from any watercraft within the waters of the Town of Kennebunkport except as hereinafter provided."
Fire Permits
Do I need a permit to have a fire?
Yes. Individuals seeking to burn brush piles, wood debris, agricultural burns or even a recreational campfire larger than 3 feet high and more than 3 feet in diameter must obtain a burn permit.
Does the Town allow beach fires?
Yes, we allow beach fires on Goose Rocks Beach. Please see the FAQ page for information on how to obtain a beach fire permit, along with the rules and application. 
How do I obtain a fire permit?
The most common way to obtain a fire permit is online. However, you can also obtain one at the Kennebunkport Police Department starting at 9 AM daily. We recommend calling the Police Department first to ensure permits are being issued that day depending on the fire danger level. 
How do I obtain a beach fire permit?
Beach fire permits can only be issued at the Kennebunkport Police Department, starting between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM daily. They are first come, first serve. Please see here for full rules, fees and the beach fire permit application.
How do I pay a parking ticket?
The most convenient option is to pay for parking violations online. However, you can also pay in person at the Police Department or by mail by following the instructions on the ticket. 
How do I appeal a parking ticket?
You can either stop by the Police Department to fill out an appeal form, or you can appeal a parking ticket online.
Where can I park?
Downtown Parking:
Kennebunkport has two municipal parking lots. The first is a paid lot ($5/hr) located right in the heart of Dock Square, behind Alisson's Restaurant. The other, a free lot, is a quarter mile walk from Dock Square, located at 30 North Street. There are also a variety of side streets in the Dock Square district that offer free public parking to include Elm Street, Pearl Street, Green Street and Maine Street. 
Goose Rocks Beach (GRB) Parking:
Permit Parking Only between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day. Permits are required between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM. Permits can be purchased for daily, weekly or resident/non-resident seasonal use. Parking permits can be purchased at the Town Office or at one of our two kiosks. Our kiosks are located at the Goose Rocks Beach General Store (3 Dyke Road) or at the intersection of Kings Highway and Proctor Ave. Permits are to be displayed on the front dash of your vehicle. 
Ocean Avenue:
Free public parking available on the ocean side of Ocean Avenue, between Colony Beach and St. Ann's Episcopal Church (167 Ocean Avenue). 
Cape Porpoise Pier:
Free public parking available which provides access to the Boat Island Lighthouse and three local restaurants.
Reports and Records Requests
Can I request a report?
Yes. With the Freedom of Information Act, you can request any agency record. You can also specify in your request whether you want the record printed or electronic. This agency will process your request in the order of receipt. The Kennebunkport Police Department charges a $10 fee for each record requested. Payments can be made via cash, check or money order and a receipt can be provided to you upon pickup. Make a Record Request. 
How can I request a report or record?
Please use our online request form