Short-Term Rentals


The Short-Term Rental (STR) licenses for 2024 have now been issued.

How do I know if I was approved for a Short Term License for 2024? If your application was approved, you would have received an email from ( with a copy of the license - please check your junk/spam folders.

How do I know if I have been placed on the waiting list?

If you applied for a STR license and have been placed on the waiting list, you would have received a notification via email ( on March 8, 2024 notifying you of the same.

Please note that being placed on the waiting list DOES NOT guarantee approval of a STR License.
Now that your application has been placed on the waiting list, DO NOT reapply.  Your application will remain on the waiting list until a license becomes available in the future.

Some additional factors that determine availability of new licenses becoming available each year:

Properties that sell and hold a current license and do not meet the “transferability” standards.
The number of new licenses issued by the Select Board each year.
Each year the Select Board determines the total number of licenses issued according to a formula based upon a percentage of the total number of residential dwelling units in the Town of Kennebunkport. 
Licenses that may have been revoked by the Select Board throughout the prior year.

For more information regarding Short Term Rentals, please refer to the Short Term Rental Ordinance and FAQs/Important Things to Remember

All Other Resources:

Click here to view the Goose Rocks Beach Short Term Rental Neighborhood Map - properties exempt from the overall cap.

The Good Neighbor Guidelines (click here) outline of an agreement STR operators have accepted in order to obtain an annual permit.

To report a suspected violation at a short-term rental property
please call (207) 204-3980. Or to register a complaint online visit:

If it is unknown whether the property in question is a STR,
residents are welcome to call the non-emergency police number at
(207) 967-2454 to report a complaint.