Boat Ramp At Langsford Road

logo-name-cyanThe purchase of a boat ramp on Langsford Road was approved as part of the Town Meeting on June 13, 2023 through Question 6. The ramp is available for residential property owners, full-time residents, and Cape Porpoise area (GRB to Turbats Creek) mooring holders. The boat ramp is being managed through a specifically designed web browser-based app ( and, once registered, users can reserve a specific ramp access time. The essential FAQs can be found below

Boat Ramp Basics: 
  • The ramp is available from 8:00am - 8:00pm
  • Reservations are available in 30 minute slots
  • Each user may reserve up to 2 slots per 7-day period
  • Users may reserve up to 7 days in advance
  • To register for the boat ramp reservation system or to reserve a time slot visit
For step-by-step instructions on registering and reserving on a desktop computer or phone see below:

The Boat Ramp FAQ can be viewed below or as a document here: Boat Ramp FAQ
Boat Ramp FAQ
Who will have access to the boat ramp?
The boat ramp was purchased for the benefit of all Kennebunkport residential property owners and or full time residents, as well as Cape Porpoise area (GRB to Turbats Creek) mooring holders.
How is the boat ramp being managed?
Town residents and/or Town taxpayers wishing to use the ramp must preregister with the Town using a specifically designed web browser-based app ( and, once registered, reserve a specific ramp access time. Emergency access will be available through either the Harbormaster, Kennebunkport police, fire, and rescue.
Will there be parking at the boat ramp?
No. Unfortunately the ramp site does not have the acreage to provide for parking. There is also the necessity to minimize impacts on Langsford Road residents and an adjacent commercial facility. Users are required to launch/retrieve their boat and immediately move their trailer and vehicle from Langsford Road. Neither trailers nor towing vehicles are permitted to park on Langsford Road outside of the allotted reservation time window.
Will day users be allowed access?
Yes. However, due to tidal constraints and the total lack of ramp-related parking, the Langsford boat ramp is focused on providing seasonal and emergency use. Use of the ramp for day-trips is severely compromised by the fact that a suitable depth of water is constrained to only a few hours on each side of high tide.
Will the Town charge for the use of the boat ramp?
Currently the Town does not plan to charge for use.